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Enter your contacts and get a quick consultation. We will find out everything about your project and put forward a commercial offer.
Small online store
Interest heating tool
Wow picture
Website for receiving applications
The site ordered from us is a ready-made design solution, it encourages visitors to leave their contacts
This is a necessity if in your business clients take a long time to decide on cooperation
By ordering a website from us, you will receive a tool that will significantly improve the image of your company
We develop beautiful stores with all the necessary functionality for a quick purchase
Start 600$
* Approximate price
A small landing
We develop sites with an emphasis on marketing and bright design, it helps to solve problems for business.
Porada agency
Start 780$
* Approximate price
Small corporate
Start 900$
* Approximate price
Big landing
Start 1080$
* Approximate price
Wow promo
Start 1200$
* Approximate price
Start 1320$
* Approximate price
A small shop
PM & Strategy
PPC & Analytics
UX - design & Marketing
Dmytro Koshovyi
Gnatenko Evgeniy
Maxim Prokopenko


Porada is a professional team of designers and programmers. We have been working together for over three years. From launching a new product to attracting customers, we adhere to one goal — to make a beautiful and effective website for your business.
Tala Prutkova
Content-manager & Copywrite
Art & Design
Frontend & Developer
UI- design & Art
Arsen Malashchuk
Daria Leleka
Christina Kirik
Vladislav Pavlyuk
UX/UI & Design
4 year
43 projects
Our goal is to create a website for you with a unique design that will most effectively represent your product or company and distinguish you from your competitors.
Personal design
We delve deeply into your project and study your clients. In addition, we are always in touch during the work. You can come to our office for a meeting or resolve all issues remotely.
It's easy to work with us
We do not fly in the clouds and we perfectly understand that a business needs to earn money. Therefore, we will make a website with a relevant structure specifically for your target audience.
We understand your customers
Literally now you leave your contacts for feedback.
You send a request
Project evaluation
We will contact you within 24 hours, clarify the necessary information and send a commercial offer.
Preparation of documents
On the same day, we coordinate the details of the future project and fix our agreements on paper. After signing the contract you pay an advance of 30%.
Start of work
You fill out an additional brief and get feedback from the designer and project manager. At this stage, all the necessary details are agreed.
1 день
1 день
2 день
We are demonstrating a site prototype. it includes a clear structure, a portrait of the target audience and the basics of the interface.
Ready prototype
Content prepared
Design prepared
We present a completely ready-made website design layout in desktop and mobile versions.
You have approved the design
We made all the necessary corrections and adapted the layout for the site layout. You pay another 30%.
At this stage, we finish copywriting texts and preparing photos for your website.
At this stage, the technical work on the development of the site has been completed, you can open it by following the link.
Site designed
Analytics configured
Site has been verified
We checked the quality of the layout for all extensions to make sure that your site is working correctly.
Project launched
You pay the final 40%, we transfer access and instructions for editing the site.
We have set up web analytics to track the performance of your website.
Some stages can be excluded at the request of the customer
Content preparation
Design creation
4 день
5 день
6 день
3 день
8 день
9 день
10 день
7 день
Website layout
- copywriting of texts for the site
- search / buy a photo on stocks
- Drawing desktop and mobile versions of the site in 1200px and 320px
- Two rounds of amendments from the customer are included in the cost of the work
- Website layout with adaptation to containers 1200px, 980px, 640px, 480px, 320px
- Site programming, integration of site forms with mail and telegrams, setting up an online payment system
- Optimization of website loading speed
- Installing google analytics code via GTM
- Installing the Yandex Metrica code
- Set up conversion tracking
- Installing the web visor (hotjar free)
- Instructions for using analytics

The prototype is the collective result of the research. At this stage, we understand for whom we are making the site, how many pages and blocks there should be.
Which solutions were used by competitors and which should be used by us.

A prototype is a clear specification for a content manager and designer.
Hover over to find out more
Content is the most important part of the site. The future conversion rate of such a site directly depends on the quality of the texts and photos.

Based on the prototype and research, our content manager will prepare the most relevant information for your project.
The design layout is the basis for website layout. In fact, at this stage, all visual solutions that will be used in the finished project are already fully understood.

Design is a clear technical task for creating a website.
Layout is the transformation of a design into a real site. At this stage, our layout designer develops the site itself and carries out all the necessary system settings.

We pay great attention to the quality of the technical part in order to ensure the best performance for your web resource.
Correct setting of web analytics is the key to the adequate work of advertising campaigns. Without working web analytics, it is simply impossible to track the effectiveness of your ads.

Our specialists will qualitatively set up web analytics on your website.
дізнавайся більше
Text prototype
- collection and analysis of information
- working out the persona of your client (portrait of the target audience)
- analysis of competitors' websites
- drawing of the site prototype in FIGMA (wireframe)
How will the site be technically designed?
We develop sites on the Django framework, this is a completely self-written site that will be hosted. This framework is very fast and reliable and has unlimited potential for technical development of the project.
Why are the prices on the market so different?
You started monitoring the market and found out that the websites offered by the developers cost from $ 200 to infinity. Why such difference?

Naturally, the cost of services for different studios differs and largely depends on the specifics of the client's business. However, there are minimum prices below which professional developers cannot fall. If you are offered a site for $ 200, it only means that it is not done quite professionally. Let's say, an inexperienced freelancer in three days on a ready-made template. Often in such cases, stolen texts are used, which will never convince your customers of the advisability of a purchase. It saves on connecting the analytics system and basic SEO optimization. In practice, this means that for $ 200 you are offered just a picture. Such a site will not be able to become a real tool for attracting your customers.

The cost of developing a one-page business card site in a professional studio starts from 10,000 hryvnia. This amount is due to the fact that the text and interface of the site is designed individually for the needs of your business. At least three specialists are working on such a project, and the texts and design are approved with you and, if necessary, edited. A one-page landing page price tag starts at $ 400. A corporate resource for a service company with a lot of texts will cost at least $ 600. And the creation of a high-quality online store will have to spend at least $ 1,000. However, all these expenses turn out to be a worthwhile investment, not a lottery ticket.

Clients have repeatedly contacted our studio with the aim of redesigning the site, whipped up by freelancers. Unfortunately, the realization that this site is unusable often comes after months of unsuccessful infusion of funds into online advertising. And for a studio, redesigning an existing site is usually even more difficult than designing a new one.

Factors affecting pricing: professional copyright, unique design, site adaptation to the marketing goals of your business. This is a list of the main differences between a professional product.
How to clearly choose and agree on the desired format for your site?
Often inexperienced developers strive to get a client at any cost and think about creating a website after the fact. As a result, both the studio and you in the process of work get a lot of problems that could have been avoided if you discussed the plan of action first. Such problems, for example, include: delays in the development schedule; unplanned budget increases; the end product does not meet your primary expectations.
Professional developers should immediately describe the main stages of website development, draw up a technical assignment (TOR) and design a project map. Example map

If you have not yet come to an understanding of what type of site is needed for your project, then beware of a situation where the studio is trying to sell a more expensive site than your business requires. For example, in the field of making something to order (for example, sofas, mirrors, interior design), it is not always advisable to create an online store. It may be quite enough to develop a business card site with contact forms and examples of work.
It also happens the other way around, if you have a wide range of products, you should not expect customers to start calling you simply by seeing arbitrary products in the photo gallery of a business card site. Indeed, in such cases, the assortment must be presented properly.

There is a very simple way to determine the format of the desired site. Type in the name of your product / service with the word "buy" in Google search. Open the first 5 sites and study their format and structure. In 80% of cases, you will need similar solutions.
Is an agreement being drawn up?
Sure! We can draw up an agreement with an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity
Will I be able to control the look of my site?
Sure! At the design development stage, you have the right to make two rounds of edits to the site design. The number of edits within the round itself is not limited. If you need more amendments, you can make them for a fee. (Which happens very rarely)
Will the template be taken when creating the site?
No, your site will be personalized from scratch.
Conquer the market with us,
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